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Thomas Antonini MPA, RPA-C

Physician Assistant, Upstate University Hospital in New York.

“I’ve been performing EVH since 1995, and I can’t imagine any other way to harvest a vein during CABG surgery. The benefits to the patient are immense – faster healing, quicker time to mobility, less pain and fewer infections, not to mention EVH has cosmetically better results than open-vein harvesting. EVH also leaves smaller wounds for PAs to close (2cm vs. 40cm). EVH has been named as one of the top five greatest advances in cardiac surgery in the past 20 years. I have performed more than 6,500 greater saphenous vein harvests, as well as a handful of radial and less saphenous vein harvests, and I would never change from the system I currently use and have always used: MAQUET VASOVIEW.”

- Thomas J. Antonini, PA, SUNY Upstate Medical University, New York



Thomas Antonini has been practicing in the Cardiovascular Surgery specialty since 1984, when he began his career at St. Joseph's. In 2008, Thomas joined the Upstate Cardiovascular Surgery division and remains an asset both to his team and the greater Upstate community.


Thomas precepts many Physician Assistant and Medical students and participates in numerous charity fund raisers and local community organizations. He maintains active memberships in a wide array of organizations including the: AAPA, NYSSPA, AAPACVS, ADK 46'er, and presently is serving as the President of the Central New York Physician Assistant Association. Congratulations to Thomas on a tremendous accomplishment and for continuing to advance the practice of Physician Assistants!

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