customer of the month


EVH Team at Centennial Medical Center.

Felicia Jeffries, CST-CSFA, has more than five years of experience in EVH.  Having learned EVH on her own, she is grateful for the support and guidance provided by her MAQUET rep and by the annual training in EVH that she receives.


Chelsey Martin, CST/CSFA, started performing EVH in 2008 and is just short of 2,000 harvests (radial and vein). He attributes his success in EVH to standardization, peer accountability, and the outstanding support and educational recourses provided by MAQUET.


Brian Cox, CSFA, has seven years of experience and has performed more than 1,500 harvests. The training provided by MAQUET has been crucial in advancing his EVH skills.

Dan Lenigan, CST-CSFA, has done more than 2,000 EVH harvests. He attributes his success in EVH to strong support from the hospital for continued training, including continuing education and advanced EVH courses, and MAQUET's relationship with the hospital.

Brenda Cashion, MSN, RN, CRNFA, CNOR, manager of cardiac services, manages this team and is responsible for overseeing all of the people and resources for Cardiac Surgery. She has been performing EVH for nearly eight years and is unyielding in the support she provides to her team, affording them every opportunity to enhance their skills.

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