customer of the month


Lisa A. Johnson, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNFA.

Lisa started her career at Pleasant Valley Hospital in Point Pleasant, WV, after graduating from St. Mary’s School of Nursing and receiving her BSN, MSN and FNP degrees from Marshall University in Huntington, WV. In 1987 Lisa first started working at Holzer Medical Center in Ohio. Since then, she’s also worked at Buckeye Hills Career Center, Charleston Area Medical Center Memorial Division, Monongalia General Hospital and Jackson General Hospital. Lisa then returned to Holzer Health System and has been performing EVH there since 2012.


Lisa has been a strong supporter of EVH therapy for years now. She started harvesting veins using the open system in 2003 – however, she felt the open system devices were heavy and difficult to use, and the bleeding would often block her view. With a closed system, she is working with a much smaller incision and is able to precisely and easily harvest the entire vein intact. Expanding her EVH skills to harvesting the radial artery has been a valuable learning experience and a great accomplishment for her in recent years. She challenges herself every day with different cases and patients, and she credits her mentors, instructors and coworkers for how much she’s grown in her career.

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